Monday, 24 April 2017

The Book Thief

Day 20 of #AtoZChallenge

Have you imagined a life without books? Have you imagined being killed for having a particular book? For us bibliophiles, isn’t it a nightmare to see books being burned? If you think you are somebody who absolutely loves books and can do anything for your books, wait till you read about Liesel from The Book Thief.

Set during World War II in Germany, this story revolves around a young girl Liesel who has lost almost everything to the deadly war. When she starts living with her foster parents under the dictatorial Nazi reign, she has hardly anything to be hopeful for. But then her foster father teaches her to read. And she realizes that books provide her the best solace and comfort. But under the Nazi rule, there is censorship on everything including what you read and how much you read. In spite of being completely aware of the circumstances, Liesel starts stealing books from the mayor’s library to keep her spirit alive.

The story depicts the tortures of the war on guileless citizens who struggle even for mere survival. But even in times of such brutality one finds courage and humanity to help out others. Liesel finds friends in toughest situations and strives to protect them even when it implies dire consequences for herself.

The author’s proficiency is proven when he chooses death to narrate the story. The characters in the book also stand out for their innocence and honesty. With turn of every page, you become involved in the story. And though it is almost impossible to imagine the horrifying state of affairs during the world war, the author does a great job of creating realistic situations that transport you to the era. In spite of being extremely pessimistic at many places, the book is a must-read. It is a bouquet of human emotions and struggles.

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