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Eat,Pray,Love- To Balance Your Life

Day 5 of #AtoZChallenge2017

Eat, Pray, Love- three things that should define life. Only these elements are required to balance one’s life. Everything else should just remain on the periphery of this philosophy. But we do the exact opposite. We fill our lives with all the non-important things and push these three elements on the horizon and end up yearning for balance in life. And that is what happened with Liz, short for Elizabeth.

Based on memoirs of the author Elizabeth Gilbert, who at the age of 34 took a voyage to 3 countries Italy, India and Indonesia to find what it takes to balance one’s life. Eat, Pray, Love is an account of her travel across these three nations. But what makes the book special is Gillian’s absolutely amazing writing style. It is a personal account of journey that every woman (I am not sure how many men have read this one) easily relates to. It has everything that a most loved bestseller should have- humour, candid confessions, an honest conversational style of writing and not too much of preaching. The author makes an instant connect with the reader and shares the most intimate secrets of guilt, discovery and redemption. And all of this happens in a very friendly way instead of coming as a sermon which says “I know it all”.

For those who have no idea about the book or the movie, let me summarize. Liz had everything- a successful career as a journalist, a loving husband and all materialistic pleasures one could think of. Yet she is unhappy. Though grateful for what she has, she knows that this is not making her happy. So she sets out on a journey to find the happiness and balance. She goes to Italy to devour the wonderful food. Lands up in an ashram in remote location in India where she learns to meditate before heading off to Indonesia, where finds herself and love too.

Eat, Pray, Love was published in 2006 and has been translated in more than 30 languages across the world. In the movie based on this book, Julia Roberts plays Liz. Unlike the book which has been praised unanimously, the movie has had mixed reviews. For the fans of Julia Roberts, the screen version was better while some opined that Julia couldn’t portray the spirit of the character. For me, this is one of those rare occasions in which I liked the movie as much as I liked the book. And one of those books which I would not mind reading again.

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