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Book Review- Sacrifice-The Road to Obscurity- by Pradeep Shrivastava

Sacrifice is a powerful word. And when faced with challenges of basic survival, it seems unreal to think making sacrifices and often leads to obscurity. Pradeep Shrivastava treats the subject very deftly in his maiden novel, Sacrifice-The Road to Obscurity which clearly reflects sensitivity of a person who thinks deeply and intensely. The authors displays a certain characteristic that often reminds you of the ageless classics which are known for their depth and relevance. Sacrifice which is the first part of a trilogy, by standards of a debut novel, offers a lot to the reader in terms of story and thoughtfulness.

The mail plot revolves around Narayan and Meena Keer who lead a humble and respectable life and are content with whatever their meager means could offer. With two daughters and a son, Narayan Keer was almost satisfied and did not expect a lot from life. However, destiny had some other plans for them. When they, along with other dwellers, are asked to vacate the settlement by an influential builder, things take a nasty turn. People do unexpected things when faced by crisis. Some of these acts have a positive outcome while others destroy lives. And what one perceives as a selfless sacrifice can often be perceived as venal and nasty by onlookers. What do Narayan and Meena Keer choose to do? More importantly, can they choose at all? Or just play a pre-written part in destiny’s plan of things?

The characters seem to be picked from a common man’s life and look very real. Every character has a distinct identity and plays an important part in the main storyline. However, as the story progresses, some characters seem dispensable and fail to add any value to the prime plot. I have always felt as a reader, that it needs some level of bravado on the author’s part to pick up characters from the lower strata of the society mainly because most of us like to imagine that everything is merry around us and often conveniently ignore that there are people living a life that is different from us. We build sky-scrapers to look towards the horizon but do not want to peek into what goes on just beyond the boundaries of those high-rises.

Sacrifice- The Road to Obscurity gives you a glimpse into life of a very common man and highlights the strength this man derives from his love for his family. The words in the book are a witness to a wife’s determination and a mother’s hope to look beyond the hardships and plan for better days, even when they look far-far away. This book may not push you to the edge of your seat and make you sit up straight at every page, but it will sure force you into some introspection.

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About the Author: Pradeep Shrivastava has a Master’s degree in computer applications. He was born in Jabalpur, but work compelled him to move to Bengaluru – where he currently resides. Sacrifice is his debut novel and first part of a trilogy. (Source: pradeepshrivastava.com)

This review was done on Author's request. This is an honest and unbiased review and no monetary compensation was accepted for the same.

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