Monday, 28 November 2016

Book Review- The Untold Secrets of Sales by Dr Abhishek Tiwari

Not everybody wants to be in a sales job. Given a choice, most of those in sales will opt for a non-sales profile hardly understanding the fact that everyone is a salesman. But there are a few who love to sell. Their efforts are more often ignored and considered sheer good luck. However, what remains highly misunderstood is that they love their job(of selling) and their success is a direct outcome of their passion and hardwork. Dr Abhishek Tiwari is one such dynamic individual who has drawn immense praise due to his success in various sales jobs. The selling skills and techniques that he experimented and incorporated in his jobs at various points of time have benefited him with in-depth understanding of the subject. In his maiden book, The Untold Secrets of Sales, Dr Tiwari offers various very simple yet highly effective selling techniques.

The book starts on the premise that everybody knows how to sell. However, not most of us are aware of this and end up feeling intimidated by the notion. After convincing that everybody can and does sell something or the other, Dr Tiwari lays out a perfectly designed map for the reader to take one step at a time. Most of the tips are so relevant that you are surprised you overlooked them in the first place. Some very simple tips like ‘sales is not about numbers, it’s about people’ and ‘happy customers are your sales force’ are very basic yet very profound. Dr Tiwari also emphasizes the need to review every sales call without procrastination and incorporate the learning in all future calls. The book has ample real life examples from the author’s career which make the tips sound genuine and achievable. The author also shares his failures along with other failures stories to highlight that one should not get disappointed but strive to learn.

The book is not a sure-shot formula which will give you instant results overnight. No book or course can. In fact, if somebody claims to do so, I would consider that a sham. This book gives you small but powerful secrets which if incorporated into your selling pattern will increase the success rate significantly. Irrespective of your experience in sales, this book will certainly add something to your skills. The book rightly deserves a 4-star rating for its content but the poor sentence formation and proof-reading at various places which break the otherwise smooth flow of reading call for some deductions. Hence, a 3.5 for this one.

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