Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Book Review- She Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

I have become an absolute Zeenat Mahal fan since I picked up Haveli(Read its review here). Since then I have read The Contract  and Twice Upon a Time (a novella couplet with Jazz Singh). And I just couldn’t have enough of Zee Mahal, so I picked up this one. And the magic continued. Adorable characters in a totally lovable, almost fairy tale like, story. Finished this one in a few hours.
Zoella or Zee is head over heels in love with Fardeen, her BFF Swaba’s elder brother. Of course, he does not know about it (or may be he does) and is used to the fact the girls sigh helplessly whenever he is around. Predictably, he has Neha, the most stylish and pretty girl, on his arm. Zoella is aware that Fardeen probably is not even aware of her existence. She is just happy being Swaba’s and her family’s beloved and on their insistence, helps preparing for Fardeen’s engagement to Neha. Just when Zee is about to rubbish her fairy-tale like imagination of living happily ever after with Fardeen, destiny takes a steep turn and she lands up as his wife. But not with the Fardeen she knows. Everything has changed including his looks. Then begins the roller coaster ride where everybody’s emotions and feelings are being tossed around mercilessly.

You will end up craving for a friend like Swaba. The playful sibling banter between Fardeen, Swaba and Salaar will remind you of your siblings and cousins. And all teenagers girls yearn for a Fardeen, “rising sun in all its glory”.

Because of the similar cultural background, I have always loved stories from India and the neighboring countries. And Zeenat Mahal has a fascinating way of telling a story. The stories, interestingly, are not completely unique. Most of them have been already been told many times and are very predictable. But you would still find yourself hungrily turning pages one after the other, wanting for more. The magic is in how she weaves the words lovingly and makes a colorful tale out of those.

Though I have outgrown mushy love stories long back, it’s nice to go back to sugary-sweet tales of ever-lasting love once in a while. And I know I am going to pick up yet another Zeenat Mahal novel very soon.

My Rating- 

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