Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Book Review- The Contract by Zeenat Mahal

Almost like a fairy-tale, The Contract has all the elements to make you fall in love with it. I had picked up this book because I totally loved another book, Haveli by the same author. And I was not disappointed this time also. The Contract is compact story with loads of underlying romance, flirting, overt displays of disguised likes and dislikes. And I think only few authors can do justice to such tales without sounding lustful or soppy. Zeenat Mahal certainly tops the list.
The Contract has super-handsome Hussain and gorgeous Shahira bound in a contract to act as husband and wife. The arrangement works for both of them- For Hussain, who wants somebody to take care of his daughter and mother as he cruises through the world for his business; For Shahira, who wants a husband’s name after hers due to societal pressures and unsolicited advances from men. The contract seems to be going as planned until Hussain develops sincere feelings towards Shahira. Then it becomes way too amusing.

The basic storyline is not completely new. In fact, it is one of the most overused topics in movies (after twins getting separated and reunited and love triangles). But the treatment of the story by the author sets it apart and makes it interesting. The writing is smooth and seamless and offers warmth as you reach towards the end. Every character is described very vividly which makes you fall in love with them. Every woman would give anything for a man like Hussain. And every man craves for a Shahira. The only drawback- if you read fast, you might finish this in 3 hours. And you are left craving for more. It’s like that chocolate icecream- you thoroughly enjoyed your scoop but you want more.

My Rating-

About the Author- Zeenat Mahal is a TOP 10 bestselling romance author. She has an MPhil in English literature and an MFA in creative writing from Kingston University, London. She loves traveling, art, musicals, classics and all sorts of museums. (Source: Goodreads)

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