Saturday, 18 June 2016

Book Review- World Full of Needles by Bhawna Monga

It is impossible to find somebody who has never has a rough time in a relationship. Husband-wife, mother- daughter, father-son, mother in law-daughter in law- you name any relationship and it has its own share of ups and downs. Bhawna Monga calls them needles. Needles that prick the relationships and lead to pain. But when these needles are tackled sensibly and practically, its becomes easy to remove them and get rid of the pain that they were causing.

World Full of Needles is a self-help book which offers to provide simple solutions to those difficult situations in different relationships. The advice is provided by way of simple case studies which seemed to be picked from our daily lives. The author has made an attempt to provide very feasible resolutions to these issues that all of us encounter some time or the other in our lives. The author also substantiates her advice by referring to various studies by scholars on the respective subject.

The book is written in simple language that’s easy to read and understand. And since it is only about 120 pages, it is easy to finish it 1-2 sittings. The small stories in every chapter help retain the interest. However, the small grammatical mistakes here and there interrupt the flow. Though the advice is very relevant and feasible and reflects author’s command over the subject, the words lack conviction in some of the chapters. Instead of generalized statements throughout the book, a few solid to-dos pointed out in bullet points could have made a difference.

About the author:- Bhawna holds a degree of MBA in HR, a Masters in Sociology, a Diploma in Education planning and management and a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychological counselling. She works in the domain of Emotional Wellness and has touched many lives by now. Bhawna is settled in New Delhi with her husband and two kids. (Source: http://www.bhawnamonga.com/)

Disclaimer: This is review has been done on author’s request in exchange for a copy of the book.

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