Thursday, 23 June 2016

Book Review- Haveli By Zeenat Mahal

Haveli (though the name sounds spooky) is a beautiful tale of a smart and witty Pakistani Punjabi girl who finds herself in odd situation almost all the times. I am not sure you could use “cute” as an adjective for books, but that is exactly what comes to mind when I think about Haveli. After reading murder mysteries and war stories for a long time now, this entertaining story with Bollywood style twists felt refreshing.

Book Review- Behind Closed Doors by B A Paris

Past :- Grace finds a handsome, elegant and wealthy man Jack who promises to be a perfect husband. Even the fact that Grace is primary care giver for her 18 year old Sister Millie, suffering from Downs Syndrome does not budge him from proposing to her.

Present :- Grace and Jack are living in a sprawling mansion in a wealthy neighborhood and entertain guests with sumptuous meals that Grace prepares meticulously. But then one day Millie gives some sleeping pills to Grace and asks her to drug her husband, Jack.

Behind Closed Doors is exciting, thrilling and absolutely unputdownable (clich├ęd but very true). This dark and twisted tale narrates the horrifying experience happening behind closed doors. The seemingly perfect couple has a secret, a secret that is going to cost lives. Though people are comparing it with Gone Girl, I do not see any direct resemblance here. Except the fact that protagonists in both are stuck in a crazy mind-numbing situation and have to conjure equally twisted solutions. Pick it up in the evening and this one will keep you up at night.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Book Review- World Full of Needles by Bhawna Monga

It is impossible to find somebody who has never has a rough time in a relationship. Husband-wife, mother- daughter, father-son, mother in law-daughter in law- you name any relationship and it has its own share of ups and downs. Bhawna Monga calls them needles. Needles that prick the relationships and lead to pain. But when these needles are tackled sensibly and practically, its becomes easy to remove them and get rid of the pain that they were causing.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Book Review- 6 Degrees-Game of Blogs

Too many cooks spoil the broth is a widely accepted adage. But the general veracity of the statement was challenged by a few bloggers who came together and churned out some really spicy stories. Blogadda put them on a plate- 6 Degrees-Game of Blogs- for the readers to devour.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Book Review- Looking into the Sun by Todd Tavolazzi

“The title of the civil war literally defines a war where the participants are the members of the same community but has nothing to do with civility. Small battles are won and lost every day by all sides. But the consistent losers are the people of Syria who must live, sacrifice and die in the horror created by people who claim to be fighting for their best interests.”
-Page 221

Looking into the Sun is honest, touching, thrilling, disturbing-all at the same time. Based on the Syrian conflict, the book will move you to the core. The literature is narrated to capture details about the conflict which makes it easier for a reader not aware of the issue. It also delves deeper in some parts to give a different perspective for the well-informed reader. The author does a good job to make you sit up and think hard about what going on around you in the name of power, religion and politics.