Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Book Review- Cold Fear by Rick Mofina

10 year old Paige Baker goes camping in one of the most difficult trails in Montana with her parents Doug and Emily Baker. And the she goes missing with her dog, Kobee. What follows is an absolutely thrilling chase to find her in a terrain that boasts of deadly bears and grim weathers. The case gains national interest as FBI is also pooled in to find the lost girl.

There are very few books which do justice to their title. Cold Fear is certainly in that list. The story of a 10 year old lost in a gruesome landscape makes you sit up straight. As crime journalists like Reed start their side of the exploration of the case, dark secrets about Baker family are revealed gradually making the plot even more exhilarating. FBI agent Zander does not want to give benefit of doubt to anybody even as Doug and Emily reach out to the world as innocent parents of a vulnerable kid.

Somewhere in the Montana state prison, death row inmate Hood waits hopelessly for his execution as his mercy plea is rejected again. He claims innocence in a murder of a 5 year old committed 22 years ago in the same vicinity where Paige Baker has gone missing. With only 48 hours to execution, Hood’s lawyer reveals a connection between Emily Baker and Hood and brings about a completely new direction to the investigation.

Mofina has done an incredible job of keeping you hooked to the book till the last page. The writing flows naturally and keeps you wanting to read the next chapter right now. If you do not analyze the book very closely, you will find it very captivating. However, the detailed introduction to every character in the beginning of the book becomes mind-numbing. The first 30 pages tempt you to quit the book more than once. The ending also becomes predictable towards the end. But the patience to go on reading pays off.

Cold Fear could have easily bagged a 5-star rating from me had there been more captivating beginning. Nevertheless, it is a well-deserved 4-star. Read it on an airport and you will want your flight to be delayed. Seriously.

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